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Hello friends, lovers of travel, cultural and historical heritage and the beautiful nature of Bulgaria.
You have come to the right place – Veliko Tarnovo – the most beautiful, most saturated with history and romance Bulgarian city. To visit such a city does not just mean staying at a hotel and taking advantage of all its amenities or going through all the malls and shops. We will help you organize your perfect stroll in the city so that you can get to know and love it the way we love it.

For thousands of years man and nature have created in synch with the charms of today’s Turnovo city, so that today we can admire his majesty, touch his mysterious romance and immerse himself in eternity. In 4300 BC. In the western part of Veliko Tarnovo, a Neolithic settlement emerged, extending for 1,000 years over an area of ​​45 decares. On the emblematic hills of Turnovo: Tsarevets, Trapezitsa and Momina fortress began to build fortresses in the V-VI century. In 1185 Turnovo was declared the capital of the Bulgarian state. “the most inaccessible, as well as the most beautiful of all the cities in Hem,” as Byzantine historian Nikita Honiat writes. In a short time his fame grew and he was accidentally called “the third Rome and the second Constantinople”.

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