Tourist train

The tourist train is the latest attraction for the guests and residents of Veliko Tarnovo.

The composition consists of two cars and a locomotive. The train departs from the Velchova Zavera Square, stops at the square in front of Tsarevets and the Second Bulgarian Kingdom Museum of Silicone Figures.

After that, his route continues to the churches of St. 40 Martyrs, St. Peter and Paul and St. John of Rila. He pauses briefly in the parking lot on the Coastal Street and makes a return trip. The attraction has a tour guide and can be used by entire groups of tourists.

From 2015, the first toothed railway in Bulgaria will be waiting for tourists on the historic Trapezitsa Hill. The facility will consist of a cabin with a capacity of 25 people, which will climb on rails with a supporting rope. The train will start on sloping rails from Trapezitsa station in the lower part of the city and will climb up to a hill site. The distance of 135 meters will be 3 minutes.

The unique facility for Bulgaria is part of a project worth BGN 4.8 million, implemented under OP Regional Development by the Ministry of Culture of Trapezitsa. Funds have also been used to build a retaining wall and artistic lighting in the southern part of the hill, as well as to refresh the entire tourist infrastructure of the hill. At the foot of the hill there will be parking for visitors’ cars.

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