Sarafkina House

Sarafkina House is located on Gurko Street in the Renaissance part of Veliko Tarnovo. It was built in 1861. It was intended for the home and workplace of Dimo ​​Sarafina.

Better known by the name of his wife, Anastasia, as the house of Atastasia the Sarafkata or Sarafkitana house. In 1965 it was declared a cultural monument of national importance. Since 1981, Sarafka House has been a museum site where ethnographic exhibitions are presented.

The terrain on which it was built has predetermined the architectural and design decision. The southern part facing the Yantra River is five-storeyed, and the northern part – from Gurko Street – is two-storeyed. The entrance from Gurko Street is closed by a double-winged wooden door. He enters the entrance hall. From its eastern side begins a staircase leading to the lower three floors. The service premises, warehouses and winter houses are located there. To the south, the first floor ends with a large open terrace overlooking the river.

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