Kapinovski Waterfall Nature Spot

Natural landmark “Kapinovski waterfall Velchevo village, near the Kapinovski monastery, Veliko Tarnovo municipality. It is a waterfall on the Veselina river with a fall height of 4.5 m, situated 200 m above sea level with an area of ​​0.2 ha around it.

The river has dug into the rocks of the Elena Balkan, winding its way through sloping slopes of greenery, through very narrow turns to form innumerable waterfalls. Before entering the plain, she created the small but beautiful Kapinovski Falls, under which a swirl was formed. The site is one of our favorite places to relax and unwind.

There is a complex with a swimming pool and a restaurant, near the Kapinovski Monastery “St. Nikola “,” Yovkovtsi “dam. Every year, a National Motor Show is traditionally organized here with many games and stands, attracting both Bulgarian and many foreign fans of motorcycles.

Chapel Monastery “St. Nicholas the Wonderworker”

The Kupinovo Monastery was founded in 1272. during the reign of Tsar Konstantin Assen – Tych (1257 – 1277). An inscription on the apse of today’s monastery church reports that in the same year a temple called the Holy Trinity was erected there. During this period, the monastery was an important religious center, but with the fall of Turnovo under Turkish rule it was burned. At the end of the 17th c. villagers from nearby villages were able to obtain permission from the Turkish authorities to restore it.

The Kupin Monastery was devastated several times during the Ottoman rule, most recently in 1789, then in 1835. has been resumed. At that time, the present St. Nicholas Church was built. In 1856. brothers Theodosius and Caesarea Khorozovi from the town of Helena donate a large amount for the construction of new residential buildings.

In the Bulgarian Revival era, the Kupinovsky Monastery is one of the enlightenment and revolutionary centers. In 1794. for a short time the abbot of the monastery was Sofronii Vrachanski, where he made and left his own copy of “History of Slavic-Bulgarian”. A monastery school functioned in the monastery.

The Kupin Monastery plays an active role in the preparation for the April Uprising. During the Russo-Turkish War of Liberation, a great battle broke out near the monastery, with some of the Russians killed buried here.

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