Petropavlovsk (Lyaskovsky) Monastery “St. Peter and Paul”

The Peter and Paul Monastery is one of the 14 monasteries built around Turnovo during the Second Bulgarian State. According to the legend, the monastery was built at the time by the brothers Assen and Peter, at their present location on a hill where there once was a fortress. The uprising in 1185 was prepared there. for the liberation of Bulgaria from the Byzantine yoke. The Asenovtsi built the monastery in gratitude that the uprising had succeeded.

The Petropavlovsk Virgin Monastery is a permanent establishment and is a complex of churches, residential and farm buildings. During the Ottoman period it was demolished twice (after 1393 and 1598) and rebuilt in 1422 and 1662. At its last restoration, the monastery fell into Greek hands, but soon after it became Bulgarian again.

In 1913. an earthquake affects the Lyaskovsky Monastery and destroys the church and outbuildings, destroying valuable works of fine art. Only the 31-meter-high bell tower and the building of the Theological Seminary, erected by Dryanovo master Manyo, remain intact. The restoration of the monastery took a long time. One of the seminary rooms was fitted out for a church, and the bell tower was renovated in 1980.

In the Lyaskovo Monastery, in addition to the main church “St. Peter and Paul”, there are two chapels – “The Intercession of the Virgin” and “Holy Trinity”. The latter served as the pagan altar of the Roman garrison, since at this place in 2c. there was a Roman castle.

There are also many fairs in the area: folklore, cattle breeding, etc. There is also a paragliding site for fans of extreme sports.

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