Patriarchal Monastery of the Holy Trinity

The Holy Trinity Patriarchal Monastery is located in a beautiful area, at the foot of the Arbanassi Plateau, about 6 km away. from Veliko Tarnovo and 1.5 km from the village of Samovodene.

In 1375. Monk Evtimii was elected Patriarch of Tarnovo and since then the monastery has been called Patriarchal. The Holy Trinity Monastery becomes the center of the famous Tarnovo School of Literature. Her job is the major spelling reform and the established language standards. Famous writers, such as Gregory Zamblak and Konstantin Kostenechki, receive their education at the literary school.

During the conquest of Tarnovo by the Ottomans, the Patriarchal Monastery was plundered and destroyed. It was restored in 1847. with the resources of the local population, but within a kilometer of the old monastery. Then a new church was built by Kolyo Ficheto and painted by Zahari Zograf. In 1913. a major earthquake destroys much of the monastery, including the church, from which only part of the icons and the iconostasis survive. In 1927. the monastery was restored, but in a modified and simplified form and design of the reconstructed church is different from that of Kolio Ficheto.

Until 1946. The patriarchal monastery was male when the first nuns came and since 1948. is already officially a maiden.

In the area of ​​the monastery there are picturesque eco trails and places for relaxation, and the sheer cliffs are a favorite place for climbers and lovers of alternative tourism. Many eco trails start from it, the most famous being the one for the Bojur hut.

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