The monument of the hanged Veliko Tarnovo

The hanged monument is located on the main street in Veliko Tarnovo at the foot of the old Varusha quarter. In this place, outside the city then, during the Ottoman rule, a gallows rose and the Turks raided the captured committees and insurgents. the Chetniks of Philip Totyu, captured at the Battle of Varbovka village, were furious at this spot.

In 1876. the participants in the April Uprising in the First Turnovo Revolutionary District were hanged here as well.

Convicts were usually driven individually from the Turnovo Prison to the gallows with a cart. The next day after the hanging, the bodies were ordered to be buried in the dump near the then Varusha neighborhood. But under the pretext that they did not vampire (of which the Turks as fanatics were very afraid) it was allowed to carry out the opera at St. Athanasius Temple (now St. Cyril and Methodius Temple). At the site of the then dump, where the defenders of Bulgarian freedom were buried, a Protestant Monument has now been erected. Later, after the Liberation, some of the remains were removed and reburied in the birthplaces of the revolutionaries.
The idea to build the Hanged Monument was born in the first years after the Liberation. The active activity of the Turner public figure Evgenia Kisimova (the daughter of the public Hadji Georgi Kisimov and the sister of the publicist Pandeli Kisimov) contributes to this. With financial assistance from the municipality and the citizens of Turnovo, the monument was built on the project of the Italian architect Giovanni Musuti (designer and on Stambolov bridge), which at that time was in the service of the municipality. a pyramid rising over several rows of stone steps. The top ends with a stone cross.
There are commemorative inscriptions on all four sides. The texts from the other three countries bear the names of the hanged rebels.

Text on the front: “In memory of those killed for the freedom of Bulgaria. Erected by the appreciative generation, 1883 AD. ”

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