Mother Bulgaria Monument

Mother Bulgaria Monument of 21 Officers, 24 NCOs and 62 NCOs, killed in the Russo-Turkish War 1877 – 1878, the Serbo-Bulgarian War 1885, the Balkan Wars 1912 – 1913, and in the First World War 1914 – 1918 d.

It was opened on May 6, 1935 at Victory Square. It is a sculpture by Svetoslav Yotsov. The female figure at the top, called Mother Bulgaria, has a crown on her head, holds a war flag in her right hand, and a laurel branch in her left. Kneeling and bowing her head slightly, she pays tribute to the memory of those killed in the wars.

The monument was built with funds donated by the population of Veliko Tarnovo. It later became known as the Mother Bulgaria Monument.

At the heart of the monument in the crypt is an eternal fire, lit by the descendants of recognition in 2000. Around the monument there is a small but well maintained garden with benches, a favorite place for recreation, meetings and photos. The Municipal Council building is nearby and very often this is the first place where the newlyweds are shot.

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