Museum “New and Recent History”

The Museum of New and Recent History is located next to the prison museum in Veliko Turnovo. The temporary exhibition “Veliko Tarnovo and the Bulgarian Statehood” is on display in one of its halls.

The main idea of ​​the exhibition is the presentation of the city as a symbol of the continuity of the Bulgarian statehood in the first decades after the Liberation. Photographs and original items show the most significant events that happened in Tarnovo during this period: the First Grand National Assembly and the election of Alexander Batemberg as Prince of Bulgaria in 1879; The Second Grand National Assembly held in Svishtov in 1881; The compound in 1885; The Third Grand National Assembly and the election of Ferdinand Saxe-Coburg-Gotha as Bulgarian prince; The Fourth Grand National Assembly held in 1893; Declaration of Independence on September 22, 1908; The Fifth Grand National Assembly of 1911. The emphasis in the exhibition is on the role of Stefan Stambolov as a builder of contemporary Bulgaria. Of particular interest are the personal effects of the songwriter Mila Rodino – Tsvetan Radoslavov and the coinage issues from the Third Bulgarian Kingdom.

In another hall of the museum is exposed the exhibition “Wars for National Union of Bulgaria” – 1885, 1912 – 1913, 1915 – 1918. national association of Bulgaria. The material from that time is shown, most of which is owned by the Veliko Turnovo people who took part in the fighting: medals and orders; uniforms; means of observation; cool ceremonial and combat weapons; Kranka, Mauser, Manliher, Peabody Martini rifles, Gasser revolvers, Parabellum, Walter, Beretta guns, etc .; machine gun Maxim-Sokolov. Among them can be seen graphics of the famous Tarnovo painter Boris Denev, who participated in the wars, and original illustrated maps of the era.

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