Wax Museum

The exposition representing life in Veliko Tarnovo from the Second Bulgarian Kingdom period (from the Asenevtsi uprising in 1185 to the fall of Turkish slavery in 1393) subordinated the possibilities of the latest Hollywood silicone with typical Bulgarian ingenuity and perseverance to cope with the set limits.

The exhibition building of the exposition is very well located – right at the foot of the Metropolitan Cathedral Church and with the best view of the Tsarevets hill. The limited interior space of the old municipal building has been “gutted” and redecorated so as to capture impressive scenes of poor living outside the former fortress walls, various handicraft workshops, the life of the aristocracy, the capture of Edirne in a single limited volume on two levels. the crusaders King Baldwin and the brilliant scenes of the coronation of Kaloyan by the cardinal-envoy of the Pope in the presence of the then Bulgarian patriarch.

Among the 6 foreign languages ​​on which the audio guide service is offered is Romanian, which is not only a facilitation for the ever-growing number of tourists from the northern and neighboring countries, but also a reverberation to the thesis that the Bulgarian royal dynasty of Assen has not lived in Bucharest, Peter, Kaloyan and Ivan-Assen II were related to some Wallachian story about the Assenites. In the age of the ubiquitous Internet, it is important for young generations to see artistically recreated visions, illustrating one or the other, in order to be able to create their own ideas and concepts of transient universal values. In this regard, the new Multimedia Visitor Center “Tsarevgrad-Turnovgrad” undoubtedly deserves the attention and efforts of at least today’s Bulgarian children to be able to see it. For now, local students and residents of the Old Town will have free access to the new attraction for another 2 weeks.

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