International Exhibition “Cultural Tourism”

The International Exhibition “Cultural Tourism” is the most prestigious forum for discussing the problems related to the preservation, preservation and sustainable use of cultural heritage, with the presentation and promotion of contemporary forms for exhibiting and managing cultural heritage sites, within the tourist exhibition they also present the latest specialized cultural tourism products in the Balkan region.

Since 2005, the Forum has been hosting the International Film Festival “On the East Coast of Europe”, promoting Bulgarian and European cultural and historical heritage and tourism.

Veliko Tarnovo was named the Balkan Capital of Cultural Tourism by the International Hotel and Restaurant Association (IH&RA) in 2009 and was accepted as a new member of the League of Historic Cities by a decision of the Board of Directors today to support the city’s European application the capital of culture. The Historic Cities League is a prestigious association established in 1994 and brings together 86 historic cities in the world from 55 countries, including Rome, Berlin, Paris, Vienna, Brussels and more.

In 2010 the Municipality of Veliko Turnovo initiated the establishment of an Association of Cities with Cultural and Historical Heritage in Bulgaria.

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