The monkey house

The Monkey House in Veliko Turnovo is a masterpiece of the Bulgarian Revival master Kolyo Ficheto, built in 1849. With his unique architectural and construction skills, the Grand Master has erected a three-storey house for the needs of the merchant Nikola Koyuv on very narrow ground between two streets.

Despite the limited possibilities, the building had the necessary premises: warehouses, shops and a family home. The interior space was originally designed through a lobby, an internal staircase and ceiling lights.

A profiled column on the facade of the building has a sitting monkey with a plate and an inscription. This image also brought the name of the building.

The exterior layout of the house is also characteristic – the second and third floors with five windows, each with three windows, with the middle windows facing out. . Probably Kolyo Ficheto has used this his way of decorating buildings. In other places where he worked, he used a similar exterior layout.

Another curious detail is related to The Monkey House. Stoyancho P. Ahgar lived in it. He collected antique objects, manuscripts and coins and created the first private collection of relics. The house was restored in the 1970s by the artist Turnovo Teofil Teofilov.

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