Sound and light

The audio-visual spectacle “Sound and Light” is a unique attraction for Europe. Veliko Turnovo is among the few cities in the world / 12 / that have their unique light-sound spectacle “Sound and Light” related to cultural and historical values. The municipality has successfully managed and developed this magnificent spectacle for the benefit of the population of the region for 26 years, investing in it financial, technical and human resources.

Dramatic music, colorful lights, lasers and church bells, all brought together, tell the glorious and tragic history of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom (1185 – 1393). The spectacle is a unique attraction and part of the magic of Tsarevgrad Turnov. The first show was in 1985 in honor of the 800th anniversary of the uprising of the brothers Assen and Peter. The hundreds of colored lights, the three laser beams, represent moments of Bulgarian history, battles against the Ottoman hordes, the years of the Turkish yoke, the revolutionary movement and the Liberation.

The best place to watch him is on the square in front of Tsarevets, which bears the name of Tsar Ivan Assen II and a special terrace for tourists in the building of the History Museum. The trend of increasing tourist travel is increasing in order to observe the audio-visual spectacle, which is broadcast free of charge during the national holidays.

New tourist attraction in the castle walls is archery and the spectacle “Turners of Turnovo”

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