The Assenevtsi Monument was built in 1985, at the turn of 800 years since the uprising of the Asen and Peter brothers. It is dedicated to the Bulgarian kings Assen I, Peter, Kaloyan and Tsar Ivan Assen II – the rulers during which (1185- 1241) The Bulgarian medieval state with the capital of Turnovo reached its political, cultural and spiritual rise.

The sword, around which the four Assenians are located, symbolizes the power and rise of medieval Bulgaria – he himself points upwards. The monument is of impressive size, situated in an extremely picturesque place in the city – by the Yantra River, at the foot of Sveta Gora, next to the Stambolov Bridge (built during the time of Stefan Stambolov), next to each other houses, which give a specific radiance to the city. on the monument is Krum Damyanov. The place is really worth a visit, on the one hand, to feel the power of these Bulgarian kings and on the other – to enjoy the magnificent panoramas that are revealed from there.

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