Architectural museum Arbanasi

Arbanassi Monasteries – Holy Virgin Mary and St. Nicholas. Assumption of the Virgin Mary Arbanassi 16th century. Arbanash Monastery “Uspenie Bogorodichno” is located at the northwestern end of the eponymous settlement. Probably it also has a medieval origin due to the proximity of the old fortress and Roman road. The bell tower was built above the entrance from the east.

The village of Arbanassi is located on a high plateau overlooking the medieval fortresses of Tsarevets and Trapezitsa. There are different opinions and assumptions about the origin, name and population of Arbanassi. Some accept that it is inhabited by Bulgarian boyars who came with their peasants from the westernmost parts of the country after the glorious victory of Ivan Assen II at Klokotnitsa on March 9, 1230, when he also seized Arbanassi land. During the Middle Ages, Bulgarians called Arbanassi Arbanassi land. Another legend links it to the resettlement of cattle traders from Kostursko, southern Albania and northern Epirus later.

One of the greatest treasures of Arbanassi are the late medieval churches-, “St. Archangels Michael and Gabriel”, “St. Dimitar”, “St. Athanasius” and “St. George”.

The Temple “St. Dimitar ”is located in the present central part of the village of Arbanassi. The volume of the building is characteristic for the era is laconic, the walls are dense, only the window openings give them some plasticity.

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